From the Independent Business Blogs: 10/1/14

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Independent business blogs are blogs that aren’t supported by an organization like a magazine, newspaper, company, or business school. Those people provide lots of great content, but they don’t need any additional exposure. In this post, every week, I bring you posts of quality from excellent bloggers that don’t get as much publicity.

This week, I’m pointing you to posts Karin Hurt, Lolly Daskal, Mary Jo Asmus, Steve Roesler, and Terry St. Marie.

From Karin Hurt: Managing the Strong, Arrogant, Obnoxious Type

“You didn’t select them, but here they are on your team. They’re annoying everyone, but driving results– with implications. They’re on the fast track, so coaching feels tricky. But deep in your heart you know they’ve got career stalling flaws. What next?”

From Lolly Daskal: Lead By Example Others Will Follow

“When you lead by example, you make it easy for others to follow you. Here’s how to make sure you’re on the right track.”

From Mary Jo Asmus: Burning the box of yesterday

“It’s human nature to want to make sense of the world. We make our best attempts at clarifying what we don’t understand by categorizing and putting things into boxes. Mostly, that isn’t a bad thing to do as it helps us to comprehend what’s going on. However this can cause stagnation in organizations and teams as human potential isn’t recognized. When you’ve boxed people in it’s hard to notice what’s possible in them.”

From Steve Roesler: Keep It Simple Like Einstein

“If Einstein was into simple, then why aren’t we?”

From Terry “Starbucker” St. Marie: (Beware of) The 7 Deadly Leadership Sins

“I call them the seven deadly leadership sins. Commit one, and we lose a key element of our team dynamic. If we succumb to all of them, the team completely falls apart. Therefore, we must diligently use that self-awareness, and resist these temptations.”

That’s it for this week’s selections from independent business blogs. If you liked this piece you may enjoy my regular post on “Leadership Reading to Start Your Week” points you to choice articles from the business schools, the business press and major consulting firms about strategy, innovation, women and the workplace, and work now and in the future. Highlights from the last issue include the four Rs of high-stakes decision making, the future of banking, why innovation and start-ups are thriving in “flyover country,” the business case for diversity in the tech industry, and how to prepare for the future of work.

How I Select Posts for this Midweek Review

The five posts I select to share in my Midweek Review of the Independent Business Blogs are picked from a regular review of about sixty blogs I check daily and an additional twenty-five or so that I check occasionally. Here’s how I select the posts you see in this review.

They must be published within the previous week.

They must support the purpose of the blog: to help leaders at all levels do a better job and lead a better life.

They must be from an independent business blog.

As a general rule, I only select posts that stand on their own, no selections from a series.

Also as a general rule, I do not select posts that are either a book review or a book report.

I reserve the right to make exceptions to the above.

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