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Gazillions of business books are published every. A few are excellent. There are a lot of good ones. And some aren’t worth your time. How do you keep up? One way is to use book summaries.

Use a book summary to decide whether to buy a book

A well-written summary will help you decide what books you want to buy. You’ll get an idea of the key points and big ideas.

Use a book summary to get value from a book you won’t read

Some books have a few good ideas or insights, but not a lot more. Sometimes a book is good but it’s just not good for you. The author may be writing for people with a different level of experience or understanding. The book might be really good for people in one industry but not so helpful for people in another industry. A summary will give you the basics in a few minutes.

Use a book summary to make you a better reader

Before you read the whole book, read through the summary. Make notes about questions you want to answer and things you want to learn more about. You’ll get more out of your reading.

Use a book summary to review the contents of a book you have read

After you’ve read a book, use the summary to remind you of the key points and insights. Check the summary against your own notes and deepen your understanding.

A Special Deal for Three Star Leadership Readers

The Business Source produces some of the best summaries I’ve seen. Here’s why.

The summaries are well done. I checked out summaries of some of the best books I’ve read to see how the summary matched up with my notes in the book. The summaries were excellent and most were readable in fifteen minutes. And that’s not all.

How do you want to read your summary? You can download the PDF and print it out. Want to read it on your phone? You can do that. You can also read the summary on your Kindle or eBook reader or tablet. You can download an MP3 version and listen if that’s what you want. And that’s not all.

There are video summaries to give you another look at the book’s contents. And there are things that The Business Source calls “Memory Sticks.” Think of them as a summary of the summary. Memory Sticks let you do a super-quick review of the key ideas and insights in a business book. And that’s not all, either.

Higher level plans give you access to libraries of summaries including summaries of 100 “Must Read” books and Financial Essentials. And guess what? That’s not all either.

The Business Source will give you a big, big discount on a subscription to their summaries, just for being a reader of Three Star Leadership. Click here to discover how much you can save and to start your own subscription to the very best business book summaries.

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