10 Tips for Innovation

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Innovate faster than your competition. That’s one recipe
for success in today’s high velocity, uncertain world. Here are ten things you
can do to create game-changing innovation.

Get lots of good ideas . That part’s easy. If you’re a human being with a
brain that works, you’ll get good ideas automatically.

Act curious. Don’t just sit inside your box, get out and poke around in
strange places. Ask questions.

Capture your ideas. This is one of the secrets of “creative” people. They
capture the ideas they get with notepads, index cards, scraps of paper, digital
voice recorders and smartphones.

Capture your ideas right away . If you don’t, those ideas will slip away like
butterflies on the wind.

Let your brain do its thing. You’ll get ideas whenever you’re doing something
that doesn’t require conscious attention. Activities like taking a shower,
walking, washing dishes, and driving are just some examples.

Widen the top of your thinking funnel . Spread your thinking wide so you get
more good ideas.

Borrow some brains. Other people will see things from a different
perspective. They’ll bring different experience. Share your ideas with

Recognize that ideas aren’t at their best right
out of the brain.
To create
game-changing innovation, you must mix your ideas, modify them, and test them.

One trial is worth a thousand, “I
Settle on an idea to try quickly.
When it comes to innovation, you’ll usually learn more from trying, than from
thinking alone. 

Keep the ideas and the trials coming. An innovator’s work is never done.

Boss’s Bottom Line

Great ideas and game-changing innovation aren’t reserved for big-brained
researchers in distant labs. Get your team to share and try ideas and change the

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