The Most Potent Reward

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The phrase “employee rewards” covers a lot. There’s the
formal compensation plan, including bonuses. Many companies also have formal
recognition and incentive programs.

The odds are that you don’t have much to say about any of those. If you’re
responsible for the performance of a group, though, you can deliver the most
powerful reward of all: meaningful praise.

Praise is the boss’s power tool. It’s the way you encourage people to try
something new or to keep doing something good. Here are four rules for using
this powerful reward.

Praise the praiseworthy. Praise achievement, of course. But
praise progress and effort and helping others.

Praise a lot. Try to have three times more positive
interactions, including praise, encouragement, and support, than negative ones.

Praise promptly. The closer to what you’re praising, the

Praise comfortably. Deliver praise in a way that’s best for
the person receiving it. Be sensitive to those people who prefer their praise in

Boss’s Bottom Line

The most effective bosses praise a lot.

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