100 percent of managers fail

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100 percent of managers fail

That’s not a scare headline, it’s a fact of life. It’s not the finding of
some new study either. It’s been true as long as there have been managers.

Managers fail because they’re people and people fail. No
exceptions. Here’s what you can do to live with that fact.

Work to minimize the frequency of your failures. Develop
habits, processes, checklists, and systems that will help you get things right
more often.

Work to minimize the impact of your failures. Plan well. Try
things out. Early, inexpensive failures can often save you from more expensive
failures later.

When you fail, fix things quickly. The situation can go from
bad to worse, unless you step in to stop it.

Learn from your failures. There are lessons lurking in every
failure. Learn them and apply them as needed.

Boss’s Bottom Line

You and your team members will fail. Prevent as many as you can and minimize
the impact of the rest. Learn from every failure.

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