Leadership: New Things Need Care

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A couple of weeks ago, we planted some new boxwoods in our yard. We must take special care of them during the period that they’re still “new.” That’s true of most new things.

Whether it’s babies, boxwoods, or brainstorms, new things need special care and protection. Babies need to grow into productive adults. Boxwoods need to grow strong and live out the image we have for our front yard. Brainstorms need to be cared for until they turn into helpful innovations.


Caring for those new boxwoods started before we even bought them. We like boxwoods, but not everywhere. We did a little planning to figure out how we wanted the front yard to look. Boxwoods were a good choice for part of the solution. They do well in the climate in South Carolina where we live. They can handle the sun of a Northern exposure. And they look good.


It takes preparation for a new thing to take root and grow. We cleared the area where the boxwoods would go. We decided where to buy them. Then we drove half an hour to Amerson’s Nursery in Lamar and bought the boxwoods.

We brought them home and put them in the ground. It’s easy to harm them during the planting. We were careful.


Now the boxwoods are in the ground. They’ll need care for a while. Special care. We may need to fertilize them a bit. We’ll water them enough to keep them safe in a hot South Carolina summer. We don’t have to do that forever. When they’re strong and robust, thy won’t need as much care.


Things won’t always go as we planned. Some days will be especially hot. We’ll need to water the boxwoods more than normal. Even if you do everything right, things will happen you have to adjust to.

Bottom Line

New things are fragile and sensitive. You need to do a little planning for them. You need to prepare the way. Then you need to care for them, adjusting as needed. When they grow strong, you won’t have to do it anymore. But it’s important to give new things a chance by giving them special care.

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