Some days

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One thing that’s great about being a boss is that you get
to share in the joy and success of others. It’s rewarding work, but that doesn’t
mean that things go well every day.

Some days, instead of grand visions and success, it will be puzzlement and
pushing through the fog.

Some days, people you trust will disappoint you.

Some days it will be hard to do the right thing.

Some days it will rain on your boss, and you will get wet.

Some days there will be a typo on your title slide that you’ll notice at the same moment as everyone else.

Some days you won’t have the resources you need.

Some days you’ll have to tear up some first-rate work and start over because
someone far above you on the org chart decreed it.

Some days, as you struggle uphill on mile one, carrying a huge load of work
on your back, you’ll find the idea of “going the extra mile” a cruel taunt.

Some days you will wonder why you do this at all and long for the simpler
life of an individual contributor.


Boss’s Bottom Line

If you have the “boss” vocation, you’re willing to deal with the hard days
because you love the work you do and you know that other days will be drenched in
joy and satisfaction.

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