Bosses: Three Things that You have No Choice About

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When you’re a boss it may seem like you’ve got lots of
choices, but there are three important things where you don’t get any say at
all. They come with the job.

Thing Number 1: You’re responsible. Whether it’s good or,
especially when it’s bad, you’re responsible for what happens. Your only choices
are about how you handle that responsibility.

Thing Number 2: The team is your destiny. They don’t have to
do what you want them to do. If they don’t, see Thing Number 1. The only choice
you have is the way you influence team members to do what you want.

Thing Number 3: People watch you and listen to what you say.
You may think they’re not paying attention, but they are. You’ve got an
important choice here. You can make your expectations explicit or you can let
your team members guess what you want.

Bosses Bottom Line

It’s one of the basic rules of being a boss that you use what you say and do
to influence the behavior and performance of others.

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