What I’m Reading Now: The Leader Habit

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I’m reading The Leader Habit: Master the Skills You Need to Lead – In Just Minutes A Day by Martin Lanik because it’s about two subjects I read and write about: leadership and habits. Plus, reviewers I respect recommended the book.

I found another thing I liked when I did my “due diligence.” Most of today’s leadership training is done in large, multi-day segments spaced widely apart. If you’re wondering why we have so many ineffective managers, this kind of training is part of the reason. The Leader Habit promises to describe daily practice that should be more effective.

Then, I told a friend, in casual conversation, that I would read this book. He told me not to waste my time. He used the words “mumbo-jumbo” and “overpromising.” Now I’ve got another reason to read the book. I want to find out if my friend is right.

Have you read The Leader Habit? What do you think of it?

Update: I finished The Leader Habit and published my review here.

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