Lists of the Best Books in 2020

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‘Tis the season of best book lists. Last week I published my list of “The 5 Best Books for Business Leaders I Read in 2020.” But that’s only five (actually, six, I snuck another book in) and about business. What about all the other wonderful “best book” lists?

The good news is that Bruce Rosenstein is on the case. I’ve learned that Bruce gets all the lists I might find and a dozen more besides. Plus, he covers a wide range of genres. It’s going to take me a couple of weeks to work through the lists Bruce has discovered. Here’s a link to Bruce’s incredible list. Thanks, Bruce.

This year I only found two great lists that Bruce missed.

One is “The 2020 Digital Tonto Reading List” from Greg Satell. I wait for Greg’s reading lists because he adds lots of helpful description and analysis.

The other is Michael McKinney’s “The Best Leadership Books of 2020.” Throughout the year, Michael reviews leadership books. Every month he offers a preview of leadership books that will be released that month.

Happy reading!

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