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I asked the members of the Intentional Reading Panel which books made the greatest impact on their business or life. Here’s Art Petty’s answer.

Very few business books have influenced me at a deep level. They spark ideas and offer approaches, but don’t move me deeply. The books that have helped form me are mostly those I read earlier in life, including:

Atlas Shrugged, by Ayn Rand but perhaps for different reasons than most who either love or hate this book. My takeaway was my responsibility to myself to be my absolute best at my work and as an outcome, I could be my best for the people in my life (employees, colleagues, family).

The Autobiography of Benjamin Franklin, for the timeless wisdom on self-discipline, hard-work, and continuous improvement.

Everything I’ve ever read (fiction and non-fiction) by Isaac Asimov–because he makes us dream and because his span of knowledge was so diverse and broad. His works inspire me to this day. His laws of robotics may well prove to be amazingly important in our emerging world of artificial intelligence.

The biographies: Lincoln, Roosevelt (FDR and TR), Churchill, Truman, Edison, Jobs, Tesla, Jefferson, Adams, just to name a few.

That’s Art Petty’s list of the books that have had the greatest impact on his life. What books are on your list?

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