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There are, conservatively, 300 gazillion books published every year. No one has the time to list them, let alone read them or review them. That’s a problem because there’s a lot of value in many books you may not hear about because of the clutter. 

“Short Takes” is my humble effort to cut through the clutter and highlight business books that might be perfect for your next read. Here’s why I think Culture Is the Way: How Leaders at Every Level Build an Organization for Speed, Impact, and Excellence might be a good choice for you. Here’s the description from Amazon.

In Culture Is the Way: How Leaders at Every Level Build an Organization for Speed, Impact, and Excellence, former NFL Pro, world-renowned keynote speaker, and management consultant Matt Mayberry delivers an incisive and hands-on blueprint to employee engagement and peak productivity. In the book, you’ll explore how leaders, at every level, can build a workplace culture that drives organizational excellence and unleashes the full potential of every employee. 

You’ll also learn:

* How to build a culture where people can become the best version of themselves and transform organizational performance

* Five common roadblocks that prevent leaders from using culture to get the best from their people and how to overcome them

* How to implement your playbook for cultural excellence across your entire organization

An essential roadmap to organizational transformation with an unbending focus on the importance of workplace culture, Culture Is the Way will earn a place on the bookshelves of managers, executives, and other business leaders seeking to improve the performance of their team members. 

Here are some excerpts from the book.

From Fast Company: 3 ways sports can teach us how to build a winning company culture

“In this excerpt from “Culture Is the Way,” the author examines how top sports coaches lean into solid organizational culture to make their teams champions.”

From Chief Executive: Five Steps to Building a World-Clalturess Culture

“It is one thing to create a momentary buzz about your culture, which can have a short-term effect; it is quite another to create a culture that embodies the core DNA of your organization and has a lasting impact.”

Here are reviews of the book.

Culture Is the Way: A book review by Bob Morris

“I was again reminded of Welch’s observations as I began to read this book in which Matt Mayberry explains how and why culture ‘worlds enormous power. It is the deciding factor that can not only create an incredibly dynamic, innovative work[place but also drive extraordinary levels of execution in the marketplace.’ If you think of an organization in horticultural terms, its leaders are ‘gardeners’ who ‘grow’ high-impact people who ‘blossom’ when entrusted to their care. The ‘soil’ they all share must be nourished frequently and protected constantly.”

From GoodReads: Culture Is the Way

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