Book recommendations for business leaders: 2/22/21

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Leaders are readers. Reading helps you discover ideas to try and expand your mental models. In this post I point you to reviews of recent business books.

You’ll find pointers to reviews of Relentless: The Forensics of Mobsters’ Business Practices, Time to Lead: Lessons for Today’s Leaders from Bold Decisions that Changed History, Emotional Intelligence in the Workplace: How to Use EQ to Build Strong Relationships and Thrive in Your Career, Think Again: The Power of Knowing What You Don’t Know, and Business Model Innovation Strategy: Transformational Concepts and Tools for Entrepreneurial Leaders. There’s also a great list of lists from Bruce Rosenstein. This one covers books schedule to be published in 2021.

From Michael McKinney: Unexpected Leadership Lessons that Mobsters Can Teach Lawful Leaders

“In our book, Relentless: The Forensics of Mobsters; Business Practices, we discovered the leadership principles of organized crime syndicates that forge high-performance teams of very loyal gangsters, incredibly strong brand names and cultures with a long-term perspective and an unrelenting customer focus. Relentless offers five transformative leadership lessons that leadership training programs must incorporate and promote”

From Skip Prichard: 5 Components of Charismatic Leadership

“This is an except from Jan-Benedict Steenkamp’s Time to Lead: Lessons for Today’s Leaders from Bold Decisions that Changed History,”

From Mark Craemer: Leading by Example

“This is an excerpt from my book Emotional Intelligence in the Workplace, which is currently available at Amazon and wherever you buy books.”

From Adam Grant: Building a culture of learning at work

“How leaders can create the psychological safety for people to constantly rethink what’s possible.”

From Wharton: Why Business Model Innovation Matters More Than Ever

“The coronavirus pandemic has been a roller coaster for business managers. Some are cresting high, others are in freefall, and many more are simply trying to hang on until the nightmare ride comes to a stop. Amid the panic, there are valuable lessons for leaders who can take a deep breath and step back. Wharton management professor Raffi Amit and Christoph Zott, an entrepreneurship professor at the University of Navarra’s IESE Business School in Spain, have written a new book to guide businesses through the internal and external shocks caused by the pandemic and other disruptions. Business Model Innovation Strategy: Transformational Concepts and Tools for Entrepreneurial Leaders draws on 20 years of research and practice to help businesses embrace change by building a strategy that will make them more resilient and responsive to the marketplace.”

From Bruce Rosenstein: 21 Curated Books of 2021 Lists

“here is an eclectic collection of lists forecasting the best of 2021. It’s too early for awards, or even a complete look at all of the books to be published this year, but these lists give us more than enough to get started. And since the lists are limited and selective, they represent only a fraction of the books that have already been published, and will be, for the rest of the year.”

I frequently publish full-length book reviews on this blog. Follow this link to my review of Leading in the Digital World, which I published last week.

Reading recommendations are a regular feature of this blog. Want more recommendations about what to read? Monday is “Book Day.” Come back for book reviews, reading lists and other reading-related posts.

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