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Why you should have a system of goals

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Over the New Year’s weekend, I was going through some old papers, figuring out which ones to feed to the shredder, when I came upon several sets of my goals from many years ago. In one sense, finding them was like having a telescope to look at my past. I saw what was important to me 20 and 30 years ago. But the big thing  »  Read More

How are we preparing students for the outside world?

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I’ve always loved learning, but I really, really hated school. I hated having to sit still and be quiet and listen instead of moving around and discussing things. I hated the fact that we had to learn whatever the schedule said, so I couldn’t follow a chain of interest that might lead in other directions. The problem  »  Read More

Embrace the grind

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Michael Phelps is probably the greatest swimmer ever. He’s competing in his fifth Olympics this year. He has won more than twenty Olympic gold medals. He holds a slew of records. But there’s something that impresses me even more. Phelps has been swimming competitively since he was 10. He’s 31 now. That’s twenty-one  »  Read More

The secret of great achievement

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Mr. Chesterfield was a friend of my parents. They thought he was a marvel. He seemed like he was naturally good at everything and everything he did looked effortless. I’d seen him at receptions and parties conversing on a variety of topics, sometimes in more than one language. Mr. Chesterfield always seemed to have a  »  Read More

Learning from the Improbable Triumph of Leicester City

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A year ago, the Leicester City Football Club was at the bottom of the English Premier League (EPL). In August, bookmakers set the odds against Leicester City winning the league at 5000 to 1. One wag compared that to the odds of Elvis being found alive. In many professional sports, money is the name of the game and the EPL  »  Read More

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