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4 Things to Let Go Of

  |   Personal Effectiveness

My friend Randy has a lot on his plate. At work, he’s responsible for the performance and the care of a team and his career is on the rise. At home, he works to be a good husband and a good father to two rambunctious little boys. There are also many things that Randy wants to do. Last week, he confessed that he really  »  Read More

The Decompression Zone

  |   Personal Effectiveness

Remember the last time you went shopping at a mall? You parked your car and walked (probably fairly briskly) toward the mall. When you entered the mall, you slowed down, oriented yourself, and decided what to do next. When you decided to enter a store, the same general pattern repeated. You entered, slowed down, oriented  »  Read More

Mental Rehearsal

  |   Personal Effectiveness

The Olympics have come and gone, with the usual amazing performances, shocking surprises, and questions about the judging. They’re Olympic traditions, just the like articles about how elite Olympic athletes use mental rehearsal techniques. Mental rehearsal is not just for athletes. In my first round of research on  »  Read More

Take your time

  |   Personal Effectiveness

When I was a boy, I always wanted to rush through my homework to get to something I thought was more interesting. My mother was forever reminding me to “Take your time. Do it right.” That’s still good advice. There are lots of things you can do in the cracks in your day. You can check email, sign letters  »  Read More

So what?

  |   Personal Effectiveness

Bud was one of the great bosses I studied. He also became a friend, so I tried to spend a day with him whenever I was in his town. Bud was one of those people that other people asked for advice. He tried to make it easy for them. Unless something important took him away, he always ate lunch at the same time and at the same  »  Read More

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