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How to get better at almost anything

  |   Personal Development

Guess what? You can pretty much get better at anything. It may not be easy and it sure won’t be comfortable, but you can do it. That’s still news to some people, even though Carol Dweck’s groundbreaking book, Mindset, was published almost a decade ago. Dweck demonstrated how your mindset had a greater impact on your  »  Read More

Getting better three ways

  |   Personal Development

You can get better at almost anything. It’s not talent as much as concentrated effort that makes you good. At least, that’s how I read the research. So, don’t just sit there and think about how you’d like to be better. Get up, put a plan together, and get better. “Better at what?” I hear you cry. Here are three  »  Read More

5 Ways to Learn like Ben Franklin

  |   Personal Development

I like to think of Benjamin Franklin’s Autobiography as the first “self-improvement” book. I read it for the first time in my late teens, about the same age as Franklin was when ran away from his apprenticeship to his brother in Boston and wound up in Philadelphia. His formal schooling had ended when he was ten. Yet  »  Read More

Personal Development: Improve yourself like George Washington

  |   Personal Development

When I was a boy, I heard lots of stories about George Washington. There was the one about chopping down the cherry tree and then owning up to it. There was the one about throwing a dollar across the Potomac River. Those legends turn out to be far less interesting than the reality. The good folks at Smartbrief on  »  Read More

The Practice of Gratitude

  |   Personal Development

My mother wrote at least three thank-you notes every day of her adult life. I asked her once what she did where there was no one to thank. She fixed me with that mom look and said, “Wally, there’s always someone to thank.” Mom had that “attitude of gratitude” that we hear about so much, but  »  Read More

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