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Boss’s Tip of the Week: Personal improvement in 90 days

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Wise observers from Peter Drucker to Jack Canfield suggest that 90 days is a productive amount of time to work on a self-improvement project. It seems long enough to make some significant progress. It’s short enough so you can re-evaluate regularly. Next time you want to establish a new habit, learn about a special  »  Read More

Personal Development: The ROI of Reading

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“I don’t read books. I don’t get the ROI.” When George said that, conversation stopped. We’d been discussing different books that we liked when George made his statement. When you’re in a group of people who love to read and discuss books, that kind of a statement is a real conversation-stopper. And, it  »  Read More

Boss’s Tip of the Week: Get serious about personal development

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It’s easy to fool yourself into thinking that you’re serious about your personal development and it’s easy to put development effort off till tomorrow or “someday.” Here’s a test to see if you’re really serious about it. Do you have a personal development plan? Do you schedule time  »  Read More

Personal Development: Secrets of Getting Better at Almost Anything

  |   Personal Development

When my grandfather’s business failed, my mother’s plans for college vaporized and she had to get a job to help support the family. She found work on the candy counter at the local five and dime. For a while, she was angry and upset. She’d go home to the third-floor walkup that was now the family’s home and pound  »  Read More

Boss’s Tip of the Week: Make time to read

  |   Personal Development

There’s truth to the saying that “leaders are readers.” Reading is a way for you to learn from other people’s experience and discover things you want to try. But reading for self-improvement won’t happen by accident. You must make time for it. Start with fifteen minutes a day. This is only one  »  Read More

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