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3 Secrets of Better Performance Conversations

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We can laugh about it today. My new neighbor had just moved in across the street and, because he was new, he parked in just the perfect spot to block me from getting out of my own driveway. When I headed across the street, I was sure we were going to have a pretty good dust-up. I was ready. Imagine a fierce look and a  »  Read More

Praise Fundamentals

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Symphony conductor Otto Klemperer was like a lot of the bosses I had coming up. He was a demanding taskmaster who never, ever, praised the musicians who played for him. One day, though, the orchestra must have done an especially good job at rehearsal. Maestro Klemperer looked at them for a moment, gave a curt nod, and  »  Read More

What happens when the annual performance appraisal goes away?

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“What do Accenture, Adobe, Gap, Microsoft, and Netflix have in common? They all eliminated their annual performance review practices. In fact, six percent of Fortune 500 companies have already put a stop to their rate-centric performance management culture. And this percentage is expected to grow to 50% over the next  »  Read More

Improving those conversations about performance

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Talking to people who work for you about their performance is one of your biggest challenges. Here are some ways to dramatically improve the odds of a successful outcome. Get specific Talk about specific behavior or performance. Behavior is what a person says or does. It is observable. You can describe it. Performance is  »  Read More

How to talk to team members about performance

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I trained supervisors for decades and I asked every class what they wanted to learn most. Talking to team members about performance was always at the top of the list. Here’s what’s likely to work for you because it’s worked for hundreds of others. Start by laying the groundwork. Get ready: Do the  »  Read More

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