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Memorial Day Thoughts and Reading

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I become pensive around Memorial Day. I remember those whom, as the Episcopal liturgy says, “we love, but see no longer.” They are special friends, but, as the Warrior’s Toast puts it, “absent friends” and I will toast them this Memorial Day as every other Memorial Day. The odd and the small  »  Read More

Thoughts on Retirement and Purpose

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I’m 70 years old. So when my new neighbor across the street noticed that I was around most of the day and assumed I was retired, that wasn’t any kind of a problem for me. In fact, I had an answer ready. “I’m a writer,” I told him. “Writers don’t retire.” In fact, for most of history, nobody retired  »  Read More

Commencement: 11 things I wish I’d learned sooner

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To commence something means to begin it. For students who are graduating, their commencement exercises are the beginning of what’s next. When I graduated from high school, in 1963, I knew something about what was next for me. I was taking the summer to work and play, but I had already enlisted in the Marines. I knew the  »  Read More

Book Report: Future Strong by Bill Jensen

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Pretty much everyone realizes that prediction is very difficult, especially when it concerns the future. But that doesn’t stop gazillions of writers and pundits from writing books, articles, and blog posts about the future. Most of that stuff is fun to read, wonderful to debate, and mostly wrong. Bill Jensen’s  »  Read More

3 things to give your brain on a 3 day weekend

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Your brain only weighs about three pounds, but it’s critical to everything you do. From time to time you want to treat your brain like it’s special, because it is. Long weekends are the perfect opportunity. Here are three things you can give your brain on your next three day weekend. Give your brain some  »  Read More

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