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Leadership: Create a great working environment for your team

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If you’re responsible for the performance of a group, then you’re a boss. And, your challenge is to create a great working environment for your team. Fortunately, we know what a great working environment looks like. For a couple of decades, I asked the participants in my programs to identify a time when it was great to  »  Read More

Leadership: there is only do

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It was early in my career, and my big task that day was to talk to one of our warehouse workers about his increasingly poor performance. It seemed like things were going okay until, suddenly, everything went bad at once. The man across the desk from me rose up and towered over me. His face was bright red and his giant  »  Read More

Boss’s Tip of the Week: Two kinds of fairness

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Fairness is more than one thing. There are actually two kinds of fairness. You probably know that your team members will judge how fairly you treat them based on the consequences you deliver. If they think that the consequences are appropriate for their action, follow the rules, and are the same for everyone, they’ll  »  Read More

Leadership: Develop by Doing

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“I don’t know if I can do this. It’s just not me.” John was an experienced police officer who’d just been promoted to Sergeant. That’s why he was in my supervisory skills class. I was suggesting that he do things like increasing the amount of legitimate praise and building on strengths of his teammates while  »  Read More

The Secret of Great Leadership

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The secret of great leadership is that there is no secret. There are books and articles and TED Talks that tell you the one thing that will make you a great leader. Often the one thing is based on one person’s successful leadership in one situation. Sometimes the one thing wears today’s trendy prefix, “neuro.” But  »  Read More

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