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Boss’s Tip of the Week: Don’t make it a contest

  |   Communication

It’s easy to slip into the belief that because you’re the boss, you’re the one who should be right all the time. Thinking that way can turn problem-solving conversations into contests where you strive to come out on top. Don’t do that. Gather opinions and data from everyone, discuss the options  »  Read More

Sell your proposal with a great Executive Summary

  |   Communication

In 1941, Prime Minister Winston Churchill wrote the following to his First Lord of the Admiralty: “Pray state this day, on one side of a sheet of paper, how the Royal Navy is being adapted to meet the conditions of modern warfare.” Some call it the “Executive Summary.” Less formal people might call  »  Read More

Presentations: Tips to help you do better

  |   Communication

“More people are afraid of speaking in public than they are of death.” Wow. Don’t you wonder what question they asked to get that answer? I’m sure it wasn’t “Would you rather die or give a speech?” Throw away the statistics and surveys. What’s probably true is that a lot of  »  Read More

5 Rules for getting below the surface

  |   Communication

We live in a world of microwavable answers and quick fixes. Sometimes they work but there are times when you have to sit down with a team member and go deep on an issue. That’s when these rules will help. Take enough time If the issue is serious and important, ten minutes won’t get you much. Even a half hour  »  Read More

You never told me

  |   Communication

Jerry sat staring at the door after Carol left. When she asked for a brief meeting, Jerry figured she wanted to talk about the new team project. Carol always had good ideas about projects and how to get the work done. Instead Carol said she was leaving the company for a better opportunity. He had shared all the reasons he  »  Read More

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